The goal of GEPEC is the integration of clinical skill into the global health workforce.

GEPEC policy is directed to conditions for optimum control of fingers, forearms and precise views of contacts between body tissues and instruments.

GEPEC policy is applied through exercises and tests that certify the optimum body control of health workers in compatible care settings.

The worldwide members of GEPEC share a common interest that links benefit for self with benefit for all.

There are benefits for GEPEC members in their roles as-

Clinic personnel

-Body health and comfort of care providers
-Clinical skill; Precise control of fingers and views of operating points for patients
-Pd care provider harmony replaces "my way" management

Clinic owners and clinic administrators

-Decision-making is based on the lifetime of patient care
-Human-centered consensus is achieved with clinic personnel
-Clinic directors share their problems globally with GEPEC

Medical/Dental school students and GP residents

-pd and global terms qualify care providers for the world
-pd clinical skill replaces "my way" instructors
-Students can compare what they learn with the GEPEC approach

How does GEPEC benefit its members?

Members share their interest and problems with worldwide providers of health care based on a global knowledge framework that links patient care ability, clinic technology and global communication. As a result, GEPEC members remain at the forefront of progress.

GEPEC logo outlines the Goal and Role of GEPEC
The warm-colored circle denotes 0 (zero). 0 represents health, the whole human body and the human-centered goals of GEPEC with no defense of present conditions or habits
The 0 with two vertical lines can be read as dp or pd
The logo ties GEPEC to pd and 0 with 0 based reasoning
The border outlines the field of health care as the scope of GEPEC efforts. The horizontal base indicates the support base for human bodies in use and at rest
GEPEC identifies and promotes pd use of body parts, pd clinic space, pd technology and learning programs needed in the interest of patients and care providers

The Global Engineering, Promotion and Education Collaborative GEPEC is a non-profit organization for systematic health care with directors from Asia, North America and Europe:

The organization chart of GEPEC

  1. GP sector groups enter GEPEC for their body health, pd skill and career guidance
  2. Each language group selects a GP-GEPEC panels coordinator
  3. GP sector proposals are sent to the GEPEC engineering panel via coordinators
  4. GEPEC approved specs. are sent to companies and the promotion panel
  5. Promotion panel recommends items to be included in education panel content
  6. Education panel incorporates promotion panel items into kb1,2,3 with global terms
  7. Education panel sends GEPEC information to the education sector
  8. Regional representatives expedite GEPEC membership, courses and use of pd